Toppsta launches debut author promotion

Toppsta launches debut author promotion

Online children’s book community Toppsta is launching a debut author promotion in August, giving publishers the chance to highlight new writers via a series of book giveaways.

Created by Georgina Atwell in 2014, Toppsta is an online and social media platform featuring reviews of children’s books by parents and children.

Throughout the month of August the platform will focus on debut writers by running book giveaways for free. The books can be anything from novelty titles up to full-length fiction for readers aged 10+, and can be submitted by publishers as well as agents, authors or illustrators.

“At a time of diminishing space for children’s book reviews in traditional channels, we’re delighted to be supporting debut authors and illustrators and helping readers discover new talent,” said Atwell. “It’s a brilliant opportunity for publishers to reach our Facebook audience (which currently has over 21,000 fans) and be part of our active website community which is on track to have 10,000 book reviews by the end of the year.”

Taking part in the ‘debut author’ month is free and participants need only to support the promotion via their own social media channels and send out copies of the books to reviewers, she added.

Anyone interested in taking part can email Toppsta at