Top That launches launch digital range

<p>Independent children&#39;s publisher Top That has launched a new website and its first digital publishing range.<br /><br />Users on the publisher&#39;s website are now able to buy books, e-books and apps. Other features include a blog, news and events, Twitter and Facebook updates, &lsquo;Look Inside&rsquo; functions and video clips via YouTube. The website also includes activities for children including recipes from the publishers flipover cookbooks.<br /><br />David Henderson, digital publishing director, said: &quot;Modernising our website has given us a greater opportunity to give these titles the treatment they deserve and present them using more interactive methods. We are looking to reach out to our customers, and improve the relationship between ourselves &ndash; the publisher &ndash; and the parents who buy the books for their children.&quot;</p><p>He added: &quot;The challenges facing the publishing industry due to digital books will continue to evolve over the coming months and years, and we feel we must do the same with our product mix. The launch of the re-developed website coincides with Top That&rsquo;s first digital publishing range. Our first e-books are readily available on our website, and will soon be available across other e-tailers.&quot;</p><p>The publisher&#39;s web-linked fiction books have been launched as e-books, which are available to purchase online via the website. Further books are currently being developed as e-books and apps for the iPad and Smart Phone platforms, and will be launched in the Autumn. </p>