Top Gear chief brands HC "chancers" over Stig book

<p>HarperCollins is a &quot;bunch of chancers&quot; for trying to publish an autobiography of BBC Top Gear&#39;s anonymous stunt driver The Stig, the show&#39;s producer has claimed.</p><p>The BBC took HarperCollins to court this week over the memoir, which is scheduled for publication on 16th September. The BBC has said the book &quot;breaches agreed contractual and confidentiality obligations related to the show&quot;. HarperCollins has argued it has a &quot;perfectly legitimate right&quot; to<br />publish the book and said it was &quot;disappointed&quot; the BBC was using licence fee payers&#39; money to fight the case.</p><p>Writing on the Top Gear blog, the show&#39;s producer Andy Wilman said: &quot;[HarperCollins&#39; statement] should actually read: &#39;We are deeply irritated that the BBC has chosen to spend licence fee payers&#39; money trying to protect something that belongs to them, as we were hoping to cash in on it in time<br />for Christmas, even though in the eight years the Stig has existed, we&#39;ve contributed absolutely bugger all to the character&rsquo;s creation or development.&#39;&quot;</p><p>Wilman argues The Stig&#39;s appeal is his anonymity. He said: &quot;Kids adore the conceit, and I believe adults, although they know it&rsquo;s a man in a suit (or is it?), gladly buy into the whole conceit because they find it entertaining. Even the papers, who love to make mischief, have kept everyone guessing over the years because they acknowledge that viewers like the Stig secrecy thing.&quot;</p><p>The BBC and HarperCollins are expected to be back in court next week. Wilman said if it loses next week the book will be published but the BBC will continue to fight on. He said: &quot;The fact is, the ramshackle, dysfunctional family that is the Top Gear team, from the newest runner right up to Jeremy, Richard and James, has worked bloody hard for many years to make the Stig something worth caring about, and that includes protecting it from a bunch of chancers.&quot;</p><p><a href="" target="_blank"></a> </p>