Toby Eady joins forces with PFD

<p>Toby Eady Associates has joined forces with PFD, with the larger literary agency set to represent &quot;several&quot; of Eady&#39;s authors in the areas of film, television, and new media.</p><p>Leading the charge with Bernard Cornwell, Gemma Hirst, head of literary media at PFD, said there was active interest in film, TV and new media rights for the autumn bestseller, <em>Azincourt</em> (Harper Collins, &pound;18.99), which has sold 63,000 copies in six weeks.</p><p>Hirst said: &quot;PFD is in position to represent an author&rsquo;s interests across all media in a rapidly changing market place. Bernard Cornwell is an international bestselling author but his brand transcends traditional book markets. We at PFD are looking forward to building on Toby&#39;s impressive work on the publishing side by bringing Bernard Cornwell into exciting new media markets as well as pursuing film and TV interest.&quot;</p>