TLS in Larkin blunder

TLS in Larkin blunder

The Times Literary Supplement has named Hull poet Frank Redpath’s "In and Out" as its Poem of the Week, after originally claiming it was an unpublished poem by Philip Larkin.

"In and Out" was published on the TLS website on May 22nd, accompanied by a long essay on the Larkin "discovery". But after it was pointed out to the TLS that the poem was by Redpath and had been published in an anthology to which Larkin contributed a forward, the TLS took the article down.

The original essay can still be viewed as a cached version.

The TLS has now republished the poem as its Poem of the Week, accompanied by a short introduction by poet and critic Sean O’Brien.

In his introduction O’Brien says: “The Hull-born Frank Redpath’s 'In and Out', a typescript of which was recently found in one of Philip Larkin’s workbooks and which appeared as a previously unpublished poem by Larkin in the TLS on May 22, certainly shows Larkin’s influence.”

In a blog post on the TLS website, Michael Caines, assistant editor at the TLS, also spoke about the mistake, and giving a brief history of Redpath’s work and his relationship with Larkin.