TLC launches 25th anniversary writer support programme

TLC launches 25th anniversary writer support programme

The Literary Consultancy (TLC) has launched a 25th anniversary support programme to help writers sustain and protect their craft.

The Being A Writer programme is co-curated by TLC director Aki Schilz and novelist Julia Forster and will include events, research, podcasts and digital content. 

BAW will host an interactive forum to launch on 23rd October around Royal Society of Literature’s “Room of One's Own” writers' survey, and will feature spoken word artist Yomi Ṣode, poet Dean Atta, graphic novelist Hannah Berry, and The Complete Works director Nathalie Teitler.

The programme will culminate in 2021 to celebrate TLC’s anniversary year and throughout aims to be flexible and responsive to the needs of the writing community.  

From January 2020 onwards, the programme will include advice around sustaining a writing career, interdisciplinary panels exploring how to learn from other artforms, the revival of TLC’s Secret Life of Novels series lifting the lid on writers' creative processes, and a toolkit to help writers with common issues. 

Schilz said: “The author services market has for a long time been geared towards the ‘end product’, and for good reason: many writers’ greatest wish is to be published. But since its inception in 1996, TLC has focussed on meeting authors on the page where they are writing. 

“We are interested in why writers write, and how to encourage them to keep writing; to invest in their creative process, and give value to that endeavour. A thriving creative community is the only hope for the sustained future of our literary ecology, and with this new programme, we hope we can do our part to support all those who feel they wish to write, because they have something to say, or a story to tell.”