Time Out rallies support for BBC inquiry

<p>The Publishers Association is to make a submission to a Culture, Media &amp; Sport Select Committee inquiry into the commercial operations of the BBC. Simon Juden, chief executive of the trade body, declined to comment on the content of the submission, but it follows increasing pressure on BBC Worldwide after Time Out founder Tony Elliot launched a vigorous attack on its acqui&shy;sition of Lonely &shy;Planet at the Edinburgh Tele&shy;vision Festival.</p><p>The Commons set up its committee in July, inviting submissions by 10th October. Laura Humble, media officer for the committee, said: &quot;We will produce a report and make recommendations to which the BBC will have to respond in two months.&nbsp; We have no legislative power, but recommendations are generally taken seriously.&quot; Submissions will be published on the committee&#39;s website from October.</p><p>In his speech, Elliott, described how &quot;pissed off&quot; he was when he heard about the acquisition of Lonely Planet in October last year. Attempts to get the Office of Fair Trading to investigate the acquisition have been rebuffed, but Elliott called on anyone concerned to respond to the DCMS&#39; inquiry. &quot;This is clearly a major event and I urge everyone to do something,&quot; Elliott said.</p><p>Other travel publishers are also contemplating making a submission to the enquiry.&nbsp; &quot;I can see where Time Out are coming from,&quot; said Ian MacDonald, sales and marketing director at Geocenter.&nbsp; &quot;We will be thinking long and hard about this, as online is a big part of our future.&quot;</p><p>Jennie Allen, corporate affairs director at BBC Worldwide, denied that the organisation was acting unfairly, saying that BBC Worldwide was &quot;very, very, very carefully controlled&quot;. She said: &quot;We&#39;re no different from any other brand, we need to abide by competitive law. We can&#39;t do anything that would affect our competitors, have an unfair impact or distort a view.&quot;<br /></p>