Thomas: Pan Mac safe at Macmillan

<p>Macmillan&#39;s new c.e.o. Annette Thomas has pledged to hold on to the group&#39;s trade operation, Pan Macmillan, and to build it up with a programme of investment.</p><p>&quot;Trade publishing is absolutely central to Macmillan,&quot; she told the Bookseller Daily at the Frankfurt Book Fair yesterday. &quot;Any change is an opportunity to look at what you&#39;re doing and how you&#39;re doing it, and I have quite definite plans for digital investment and growth for Pan Macmillan. But in addition to that, there will certainly be additional investment into the future, building on the list that we already have.&quot; She &quot;absolutely&quot; ruled out any sale of the trade division. </p><p>Thomas was previously m.d. of Nature Publishing Group&mdash;one of Macmillan&#39;s most successful divisions&mdash;and took the reins at Macmillan just a week ago, following Richard Charkin&#39;s surprise move to Bloomsbury. Her promotion was celebrated with a stand party in Frankfurt yesterday evening, and Pan Macmillan ramped up its presence at the fair, with m.d. David North and head of digital Sara Lloyd both making last-minute appearances.</p><p>In particular, Thomas wants to cross-fertilise the Macmillan businesses, using the expertise or audience of one division to shape the strategy or launch the product of another. </p><p>&quot;One of the interesting things about Macmillan is the diversity of businesses that we have,&quot; she said. &quot;Ten years ago you could have said: &lsquo;What do these businesses have in common?&#39; But now with digital technology really impacting on every part of our business, we are in a unique position to really leverage that. Right now&mdash;in this period that we&#39;re in&mdash;there is a platform to make the most of those businesses.&quot;</p><p>The group is already using the &quot;robust&quot; digital business models at Nature Publishing Group to inform the digital strategy at Pan Mac, and &shy;Thomas is interested, for example, in promoting Pan Mac&#39;s science fiction list to Nature&#39;s readers. &quot;That&#39;s what I&#39;d like to do&mdash;to look around and pull the pieces together. We&#39;re not a bunch of independent companies. We are in the way that we operate, but in terms of our strategy and how we take the business forward, we&#39;re looking to make more of the synergies that we have.&quot;</p><p>Thomas&#39; reaction to the job offer was &quot;an instant yes&quot;, she said. &quot;To be able to take the helm of Macmillan is a huge honour, particularly after Richard who has done so many amazing things with the company. It&#39;s in great shape to go forward and there are lots of interesting growth opportunities that are there to be developed and leveraged.&quot; Charkin added: &quot;She&#39;s the best. She&#39;s extremely nice and extremely intelligent, and has a feel for publishing that will go beyond science.&quot;</p>