Thirty redundancies at MLA

<p>A new senior leadership team is to be appointed at the MLA in a bid to increase its influence over decision-makers in local government. The development was announced as details of the organisation&#39;s restructure - including a total of 30 redundancies in the MLA Council - were confirmed.</p><p>The new structure, working across museum, library and archive services, will see the appointment of three new &quot;directors of engagement&quot;, each with specific geographical responsibilities, as well as a regional manager for each English region. The MLA said this would enable it to deploy up to 30 staff in flexible and mobile regional action teams, tackling specific tasks in priority locations. Meanwhile, as previously announced, eight of the nine existing regional MLA agencies are being wound down.</p><p>Eighteen voluntary and 12 compulsory redundancies have been made in the MLA Council. MLA chief Roy Clare said that he regretted the job losses but that the result was a &quot;leaner, fitter MLA&quot; which would focus on innovation and best practice, with resources saved by the restructure diverted to &quot;front-line purposes&quot;.</p><p>The MLA will now have the capacity for an annual fund for promoting improvement and innovation in the sector, which in the first instance is going to support investment in the pilots for Find Your Talent, the programme aiming to ensure every school child has at least five hours of culture a week.</p><p>The MLA said: &quot;With the clarity of a business to business organisation, the MLA will concentrate on brokering partnerships, gathering research, highlighting best practice, setting standards and encouraging improvement. It will advise government and talk to the sector. The duplication with other agencies will be avoided and activities done more appropriately by other bodies - such as marketing our sector to the public - will be stopped so backroom costs are kept to a minimum.&quot;<br /></p>