McGeehon appointed T&H textbook publisher

McGeehon appointed T&H textbook publisher

Thames & Hudson has appointed Priscilla McGeehon to manage the next phase of the expansion of its textbook business.

McGeehon is currently the publisher at Fairchild Books, an imprint of Bloomsbury USA and  has previously worked for Pearson Education, CQ Press/Sage and Westview Press.

She will succeed Ian Jacobs from March 2016 in the role of publisher of its textbooks programme. Jacobs has built up the college division of Thames & Hudson over the last 13 years.

Rolf Grisebach, c.e.o. of Thames & Hudson, said: “The contribution of our textbook department to the growth of Thames & Hudson over the last decade or so has been impressive. We are now the publisher of the best-quality archaeology textbook list, including the introductory books written by Colin Renfrew and Paul Bahn that dominate the introductory archaeology market.

"The most outstanding success has been - unsurprisingly, given Thames & Hudson’s history - the launch of Gateways to Art, the innovative introductory textbook which has taken a big share of the art appreciation market in the US. We have just launched the second edition, supported by a new partnership with the Museum of Modern Art New York.

"Priscilla will bring to our business deep editorial experience, knowledge of the market and a passion for education. We are confident that she will help us to substantially grow our textbook programme in the next five years.”