T&H 'full of beans' in 60th year

<p>Thames &amp; Hudson managing director Jamie Camplin has said the publisher is &quot;full of beans&quot; as it prepares a raft of special events to mark the publisher&rsquo;s 60th anniversary. Camplin said the illustrated publisher was in a strong position for the future, despite the largely weak market and increasing cost of printing. &quot;We are rather full of beans because the market is going our way,&quot; he said. &quot;Everyone, judging by Christmas, has finally got fed up with all those hyped-up vacuous books, and it is real books that people actually want that are back in.&quot; </p><p>T&amp;H is to reissue a series of 20 special editions from its backlist as part of celebrations for its 50th year. The company has also unveiled a new logo, which it will be using throughout 2009. Among the events confirmed so far are talks by designer Christian Lacroix at the Victoria &amp; Albert Museum and Charles Avery at the National Gallery.</p><p>T&amp;H has also arranged author talks at the Bath Literary Festival in February and the Guardian Hay Festival in May, while Peter Conrad and John Hemming will talk at the Sunday Times Oxford Literary Festival in March. Other events around the country are yet to be confirmed.</p><p>The 20 titles, which will be reissued with a &quot;highly specialised anniversary jacket&quot; in May, have been taken from T&amp;H&rsquo;s backlist, which Camplin said reflected the company&rsquo;s work in &quot;different niches - fashion, design, architecture and so on&quot;.</p><p>He added: &quot;All of the books are intended to focus on T&amp;H&rsquo;s special qualities in all the areas in which we publish. About applying traditional areas to innovation.&quot;</p><p>&nbsp;</p>