TFP gives away free e-book

<p>The Friday Project is giving away the first book in its Cornelius Quaint series as a free Kindle e-book to promote the series&#39; second title.</p><p>Next month the HarperCollins imprint will release <em>The Eleventh Plague</em> by Darren Craske, the second Cornelius Quaint Chronicle. </p><p>In a bid to increase sales of the book, <em>The Equivoque Principle</em>, the first book in the series has been made available as a free e-book from Amazon for one month.</p><p>Scott Pack, Craske&#39;s editor and publisher at The Friday Project, said: &quot;Not every series is a huge success from book one and we are happy to use the free e-book of <em>The Equivoque Principle</em> to help grow the audience for the Cornelius Quaint Chronicles. </p><p>&quot;Ideally this will lead to the high street chains stocking, and possibly promoting, <em>The Eleventh Plague</em>. But even if they don&#39;t we can drive considerable sales online with a readership that is,<br />at the moment, growing by the hundreds every day.&quot;<br /><br />&nbsp;</p>