T&F launches Routledge Interactive

Academic publisher Taylor & Francis has created an e-textbook initiative, Routledge Interactive, in partnership with Vital Source Technologies.

The initiative combines print and digital technology to create what the duo calls "a new experience in learning".

Students buying a Routledge interactive textbook will receive 12 months free access to a digital version through the VitalSource Bookshelf delivery platform. Specially tailored interactive content, including embedded videos and quizzes, will be included for each title.

David Cox, head of digital publishing and development at Routledge, said: "We are empowering students and educators to more easily access our digital content and create their own personalized learning experience, combining the best of print and digital. This innovation is one of many examples of Routledge responding to the changing needs of the market."

The e-textbooks have been developed using the EPUB3 format standard and Vital Source FLOESM. Kent Freeman, Vital Source Technologies c.e.o., said: "Together with Taylor & Francis, we have created a powerful learning tool."