Terry Pratchett to guest edit SFX magazine

<p>The July issue of sci-fi and fantasy magazine <em>SFX</em> (published 5th May) will be guest edited by author Terry Pratchett to celebrate the start of a three-month &quot;Summer of SF Reading&quot; campaign being run by the magazine. The campaign will be launched at Waterstone&#39;s Piccadilly on Monday 10th May, with high-profile authors making up a Q&amp;A panel and doing signings. Across the next three issues SFX will&nbsp; increased books coverage, with Orion sci-fi imprint Gollancz as sponsor.<br /><br />Meanwhile Waterstone&#39;s will be signposting the books which the magazine recommends in-store. Pratchett&#39;s SFX edit includes a retrospective of his favourite sci-fi film &#39;Blade Runner&#39;, a retrospective on the writings of John Wyndham, and a piece on &#39;Doctor Who&#39; written by Pratchett himself.<br /><br />Dave Bradley, SFX editor-in-chief, said that importance of books to the sci-fi genre was something that deserved &quot;a special celebration.&quot; He added: &quot;We are committed to three months of extra literary coverage and hope to see beaches packed with people reading sci-fi and fantasy novels this summer.&quot;<br /></p>