Tearne to take residency at Blackwell

<p>&quot;TV Book Club&quot; author Roma Tearne will be mingling with customers at Blackwell&#39;s flagship store in Oxford next week when she becomes the chain&#39;s first writer in residence.</p><p>The HarperPress author will blog about the historic Broad Street shop&#39;s everyday business on the book chain&#39;s website and at www.fifthestate.co.uk. The publisher said Tearne will &quot;produce leaflets for the counters in store, sketched caricatures of people she meets and, at the end of the residency, create a special publication for the bookshop&quot;. Tearne will also be holding a &quot;general reading election&quot; where customers can vote for their favourite book.</p><p>The author will be at the bookshop from 26th April. On 29th April, she will be in conversation with novelist Ali Shaw, whose d&eacute;but novel, <em>The Girl With Glass Feet</em>, has been shortlisted for the Desmond Elliott Prize. </p><p>Tearne&#39;s new novel,<em> The Swimmer</em>, is published on 4th May. Her latest book,<em> Brixton Beach</em>, was a selected title on Channel 4&#39;s &quot;TV Book Club&quot; earlier this year.</p><p>Store manager Zool Verjee said: &quot;Anyone expecting an author just sitting in a bookshop, looking hopefully at passersby, and wondering if anyone will engage them in conversation will have their expectations confounded. This is a residency full of intrigue and creative joie de vivre.&quot;</p><p>&quot;The residency will take the form of an investigation into what it really is like to work with, and surrounded by, books,&quot; Tearne said. </p><p>&quot;Books are magical things, material objects, receptacles of imagination and ideas, information and touchstones of feeling. While this is not an anti e-book event, it would be fair to call it a pro-book celebration,&quot; she added. </p>