Teachers 'not reading children's books'

<p>Research into teachers&#39; reading habits by the Centre for Literacy and Primary Education (CLPE) has found that many do not regularly read children&#39;s literature, and tend to choose books from a narrow band of authors.</p><p>The research was undertaken as part of the Power of Reading programme, which was launched by the CLPE in 2005 to increase children&#39;s and teachers&#39; enjoyment of reading. The schools questioned for the research were among 300 that have been involved in the Power of Reading project. </p><p>A CLPE report points to &quot;a -significant proportion of teachers&quot; who do not read children&#39;s books, &quot;with a consequent effect on the range of literature they use in the classroom&quot;. In addition, teachers were found not to draw on their own experience of children&#39;s literature to make informed -choices about books to read aloud to their classes.</p><p>&quot;There are so many reasons why children are not enthusiastic about reading, so the role of teachers in encouraging them to read is critical,&quot; said Olivia O&#39;Sullivan, project director. &quot;If teachers are not enthusiastic about books and reading, it misses a valuable opportunity to influence and encourage a child.&quot;</p><p>Around 200 schools will be involved in this year&#39;s Power of Reading project, which launches in September. CLPE provides teacher training in using books in the classroom and online support. It also wants publishers to make more authors available to schools to support the programme.</p>