Taylor signs trio of deals for Headline-RIGHTS

<p>In a flurry of new year deals, Headline has signed up new books from bestselling women&#39;s fiction author Wendy Holden, as well further novels from Orange-longlisted Roopa Farooki, and three books from a d&eacute;but thriller author. </p><p>The spate of deals, all by fiction publishing director Imogen Taylor, include British Commonwealth rights (including Canada) being snapped up through Jonathan Lloyd at Curtis Brown to three further novels by Holden, whose last book <em>Gallery Girl </em>was published in August 2010. </p><p>Taylor said: &quot;Wendy is unique. She writes deliciously funny contemporary satire, with a commercial edge.&quot; Holden&#39;s next novel <em>Marrying Up</em>, part of an existing deal, is set for publication in July, with the further three novels taking the programme up to 2014. </p><p>Taylor also won rights to the next two books by Roopa Farooki, who was longlisted for the Orange Prize for her 2009 novel, <em>The Way Things Look to Me.</em> The deal marks the author&#39;s move from Pan and was made with Ayesha Karim of Aitken Alexander Associates, with Headline acquiring British Commonwealth rights (including Canada). The first book moves from 1930s Pakistan to modern-day Europe, detailing the re-invention of an immigrant as he moves from country to country. The publication date has still to be set.&nbsp; </p><p>In a further deal, Taylor bought three novels by d&eacute;but thriller author Amanda Kyle Williams, describing the first title, <em>The Stranger You Seek,</em> as &quot;an edge-of-your-seat thriller, rich with vibrant, original yet believable characters and with a terrific twist.&quot; Taylor acquired British Commonwealth rights (excluding Canada) to the three books from Chandler Crawford on behalf of the Victoria Sanders Agency, with Headline to publish the book in September 2011.&nbsp; </p>