Tatepo to discuss The Bookseller's Black Issue at free webinar

Tatepo to discuss The Bookseller's Black Issue at free webinar

The Bookseller’s first ever guest editor Marianne Tatepo will introduce the 9th April issue, a Black-specific iteration of the weekly trade magazine known as The Black Issue, during a live webinar to be held at 12.30 on publication day.

Founder of the Black Agents and Editors’ Group (BAE) and commissioning editor at Ebury (Lifestyle), Tatepo will be joined by The Bookseller’s editor Philip Jones, freelance journalist and contributor Heather Marks, the Black Writers' Guild Founder and author Nels Abbey and co-organiser and author Elijah Lawal (also a contributor to this issue).

The 45-minute session will discuss the 56-page magazine, how it came together under Tatepo’s leadership, and the discussion points raised on its pages. The issue, a game-changer for the publishing sector, could not be timelier coming in the wake of the Government’s widely criticised Race and Ethnic Disparities Report that has sought to downplay the systematic racism prevalent in the United Kingdom.

The issue, the first ever to be presented from the perspective of a Black editor, will lift the lid on publishing's diversity deficit and how it can continue to improve its approach to Black publishing and writing.

Featuring interviews with authors Priscilla Mante, Mateo Askaripour and Candice Carty-Williams, the magazine will also include op-eds from editor Jasmine Richards, sales executive Rochelle Dowden-Lord, and comedian Sir Lenny Henry. There will be a spotlight on leading African book publishing company Cassava Republic, and an analysis of how publishers are diversifying their lists based on exclusive data, written by Marks.

Also included is an eight-page Black author preview, written by a former journaliast at The Bookseller Natasha Onwuemezi, and an overview, written by Tatepo in collaboration with her colleagues at BAE, of the Black publishing experience.

To pre-register for this free webinar click https://thebookseller.zoom.us.