'Tantalising new voice' Anderson wins Leapfrog Prize

'Tantalising new voice' Anderson wins Leapfrog Prize

Chicago-based writer K L Anderson has won the Leapfrog Global Fiction Prize for her novel But First You Need a Plan.

The annual prize is run jointly by UK indie Can of Worms and New York-based Leapfrog Press.

It was founded by Leapfrog publisher Lisa Graziano in 2009, with Can of Worms joining forces last year to publish the winning writers in the UK and the rest of the world. The winner receives a publishing contract and an advance. Runners-up also receive a cash award and a critique of their work by the judges. 

But First You Need a Plan will be published worldwide in September 2022, with the UK and US editions coming from Can of Worms and Leapfrog Press respectively.

It was announced back in April that the Leapfrog Global Fiction Prize would be split into adult and YA/children's categories, with the latter to be announced later this month. 

Publisher Tobias Steed commented: “As all the judging is undertaken blind, we are only now learning about our latest prize-winning author. This is her first novel, she has trained as an ecologist and wetland scientist. Originally from Chicago, she now lives in Seattle with her husband and son. We are just delighted to be bringing into the world a tantalising new voice. The quality of submissions was outstanding and we pass along our congratulations to the other two finalists: Sharon White for Minato Sketches, and Lynn Schmeidler for Possibility Hunger: Stories.” 

Judging the finalists, author and publisher Ann Hood said of the winning entry: “I greatly admired the complex story, which weaves past and present deftly and brings a large cast of characters to life. The themes explored here are important ones: betrayal, love, loyalty and the dangers of the human heart both personally and globally. Seemingly minor details that appear at the beginning return with great impact toward the end. This is a brilliant, breathtaking story and I am so delighted to help in my small way to bring it to the world.”  

The 2022 Leapfrog Global Fiction Prize will open for submissions this November. Further details are available online or interested parties can contact info@canofworms.net.