Taken memoir could face law suit

<p>The father of murdered schoolgirl Vicky Hamilton has said he will be &quot;speaking to his lawyer&quot; about the memoir <em>Taken</em>, written by her elder sister, the <em>Daily Record </em>reports.</p><p>The book, published by Random House imprint Ebury, is due to be released his week (15th January). It tells the story of Vicky&#39;s disappearance and murder in 1991, and the impact on the family, from her sister Sharon&#39;s perspective.</p><p>But her father Michael Hamilton has claimed she was &quot;telling a pack of lies&quot;, the Scottish paper said.</p><p>In particular, claims that Vicky and Sharon were &quot;forced&quot; to ask their father for money after he separated from their mother have been denied.</p>