New Romantics history to Faber

New Romantics history to Faber

Faber is to publish a "definitive history" of British pop music from 1975 to 1985 by journalist Dylan Jones. 

World all language rights for Sweet Dreams: The Story of the New Romantics were acquired by Dan Papps from Jonny Geller at Curtis Brown. 

The book charts the rise of the New Romantics, a music and cultural scene that grew out of post-punk and developed alongside electronica, goth and clubbing culture. 

Poet laureate Simon Armitage said of the book: "Jones’ style, part testimony, part documentary, sheds light on one of the most unanticipated and misunderstood shifts in popular music and street fashion, that sudden lurch towards the swank and ostentation of new romanticism, a style that seemed arrogant and contrary in its origins but would define the nature and direction of music for at least a decade. Compelling reading for those who lived and breathed the indulgence of the era without realising its significance or contemplating its legacy."

Jones is editor-in-chief at GQ. His books have sold 61,000 copies for just over £652,000 through Nielsen BookScan's UK TCM, with David Bowie: A Life (Windmill) his bestseller at just under 17,000 copies for £204,000. 

Sweet Dreams will be published in hardback and e-book on 1st October.