Sweet Cherry signs debut YA fantasy

Sweet Cherry signs debut YA fantasy

Sweet Cherry Publishing has acquired a YA sci-fi fantasy series by debut author Zoe Morrison.

The Aether trilogy follows a girl called Evie Parr, who tries to find her sister after she disappears through a portal to another world. There she meets Aaron, a boy with a mysterious past, who helps her with her quest.

The first book, also entitled Aether, will be published in autumn 2016. The price and format are yet to be confirmed.

Editor Cecilia Bennett, who acquired the trilogy directly from the author, said: “The series draws on themes of good and evil, and emotional growth and self-discovery, and explores a variety of wonderfully-crafted fantastical parallel worlds. In writing the trilogy, Zoe Morrison said that her aim is to explore the way in which her young adult protagonists face the duelling ideas of compromise and confrontation, and cope with an expanding worldview that constantly challenges their preconceptions.”

Sweet Cherry is an independent publisher based in Leicester which sells books through Bertrams and Gardners and in some bookshops.