Swedish debut sells in 26 territories

Swedish debut sells in 26 territories

Swedish author Elisabeth Norebäck, whose domestic noir debut amassed a string of deals during this year's London Book Fair, has now sold in 26 territories and has attracted interest from the film industry. 

The book, which racked up 10 international deals ahead of the fair, with world English rights pre-empted by Penguin Random House US, has now increased its reach to 26 territories. Although it is not yet out in Sweden, it has since been renamed Tell Me You're Mine (previously My Blood).

It will be released by Swedish publisher Polaris, part of Danish Politiken, at the Gothenburg Book Fair at the end of September, while the Danish, Dutch, Polish, Finnish, Hungary and Russian editions will follow spring 2018. Thee US edition, publishing with Penguin Random House imprint G.P. Putnam's Sons, will be out in summer 2018 followed by the German and French editions in early 2019.

British Commonwealth rights to the book have yet to be licensed by PRH US, Tom Dussel, director of subsidiary rights at PRH US, confirmed. PRH US is waiting now to submit the full English-language translation widely in the UK and it will be ready to share with UK editors in the next couple of months.

The book is about the loss of a child, toppling over into "insanity and violent obsession", told from three women’s perspectives.

Mark Tavani, VP, executive editor, GP Putnam’s Sons, Penguin Random House, said at the time of the acquisition he had been "riveted by the suspense" between the characters, adding: "We all imagine sometimes that the worst could happen; this novel asks the question, If it did happen, what would you do?"

Norebäck's agent, Lena Stjernström, c.e.o. of the Grand Agency, commented: "It is extremely rare that a Swedish debutant is sold so widely before being published on the home market. And the reason is of course that the book has that little extra that we always look for."