Susan Hill blasts Oxfam "bullies"

<p>Author Susan Hill has launched a scathing attack on Oxfam Bookshops, which she has accused of &quot;bullying&quot; tactics and &quot;aggressive expansion&quot; with the chain &quot;spreading faster than Tesco once did&quot;.<br /><br /><em>The Bookseller</em> <a href="../news/112185-indie-booksellers-concerned-by-latest-oxfam-bookshop.html" target="_blank">reported yesterday </a>that booksellers in South London were concerned over the arrival of another offshoot of the charity bookshop business. </p><p><a href=" target="_blank" title=" to the report on her <em>Spectator</em> blog today, Hill wrote</a>: &quot;These people are, unsurprisingly, concerned that small bookshops and antiquarian booksellers are being bullied by Oxfam Bookshops and their aggressive expansion. Because Oxfam Bookshops are big business. They are now reportedly the third biggest bookseller in the country, which is a surprise. I daresay their profits have paid for all those ads about global warming.&quot;</p><p>Describing the charity&#39;s methods as similar to Ottakar&#39;s&#39;, she claimed that the chain would visit &quot;a medium sized town and look to see if it had a good, thriving independent bookshop. If it did, they opened down the street. Two people I know had to close their previously profitable shops as an immediate result. Now Oxfam is doing the same.&quot;</p><p>Hill added that she was also concerned about the fate of other charity shops. &quot;Oxfam had perfectly good, quite large book sections of its general shops in both these towns, as do other charities. They have all rubbed along together without conflict. Not any more. Now it is a fight and the gloves are off. The local Hospices are very concerned.&quot; </p>