Survey finds indie publishers 'compete' on salary

<p>Independent publishers offer an average salary which &quot;competes, at the very least&quot; with that earned by staff at conglomerate houses, according to research by the Independent Publishers Guild.</p><p>The 2009 Salary Survey found that although rates of pay fluctuated quite widely, the average basic salary for managing directors and proprietors of publishing houses was just under &pound;56,000, before bonuses and benefits.</p><p>At director level, the most common pay bracket &mdash; earned by more than a third of staff &mdash; was more than &pound;60,000. Managers most frequently earned between &pound;25-30,000, with no manager earning less than &pound;15,000. Editors, executives and coordinators tended to earn &pound;20-25,000. Assistants most commonly earned between &pound;15,000 and &pound;20,000. <br /><br />The IPG described the results, which were derived from an online survey of nearly 100 guild members, as &quot;the fullest picture yet of pay and benefits among independent publishers&quot;.<br /><br />Andrew Johnston, chairman of the IPG, said: &quot;It is particularly gratifying to receive such a good response from such a broad range of IPG members and particularly to see that remuneration within the independent sector competes, at the very least, with the equivalent salary levels for the conglomerate publishers.&quot;</p><p>A third of respondents said there had been no pay rise following their most recent salary reviews, which the IPG said reflected &quot;the difficult economic climate&quot;. Half of respondents received an increase of 1% to 4%.</p><p>The most recent survey by <em>The Bookseller</em>&mdash;conducted in 2008 and incorporating 411 respondents&mdash;found that the average salary across publishing was &pound;26,577. The most recent survey by produced an average salary of &pound;24,871. </p><p>The full findings of the Salary Survey, featuring details about salaries by department and staff benefits, are available exclusively to IPG members. </p>