Support your library, CWA tells authors

Support your library, CWA tells authors

The Crime Writers Association (CWA) is asking each of its members to do at least three events a year for their local library as part of a campaign to support the public library service in the face of widespread cutbacks.

"We know that every single one of our members feels that libraries are fundamental to reading in the UK. Many of us first discovered the joys of reading through our public libraries, and it is our view that millions of people could be deprived of this going forward, as result of the cuts," the CWA said.

With crime the most borrowed genre from UK libraries, it is crucial that authors help libraries thrive, the organisation added.

Novelist Peter James, current chair of the CWA, added: "We feel it is not enough to say that we oppose cuts to libraries. We want to do more, to offer practical help to libraries in their hour of need, hence our programme of initiatives to raise their profile.

"We feel passionate about libraries and want to do everything that we can to help in these difficult times. Libraries have been very good to the crime writers of the UK and we wish to acknowledge that through our campaign."

The association already runs the annual Young Crime Writers Competition exclusively through libraries, and holds library events and readings for National Crime Writing Week (June 13th-19th).