Support National Libraries Day

Support National Libraries Day

Tomorrow, Saturday 4th February, is National Libraries Day.

It's a day on which everyone can show their support for the service by visiting their library, taking out a book, or joining, if they are not already a member. You can check for local events on the National Libraries Day website, If you are not able to visit in person, you can look on the library's site at the services on offer, or Tweet about why you love libraries using the hashtag #NLD12.

If you haven't joined our Facebook Fight for Libraries page, do so now and you'll be kept up to date on library developments as and when they happen. You can also use the page to post photos and details of what's happening locally to you. Or you can follow our Twitter feed on @Fight4Libraries.

Although the year since the first Save Our Libraries day has seen fierce cutbacks in the service, campaigners have made some significant victories and succeeded in keeping libraries firmly on the national agenda. But local and national politicians need to know you care about the service—and librarians could do with the support. Let's celebrate our libraries.

The Bookseller's editor-in-chief Neill Denny says: "On National Libraries Day tomorrow, take your family and friends to your local library, take out some books, cheer up the staff, make a point.

"Although the big trends shaping the book trade can sometimes seem too powerful to change, the story of the fight for libraries shows that they are not. Individual stands and actions do make a difference."