Supernatural debut for Cornerstone

<p>Cornerstone has acquired the rights to an &quot;epic supernatural love story&quot; from d&eacute;but author Alma Katsu in a pre-emptive deal for a &quot;good five-figure advance&quot;.</p><p>Kate Elton, Century and Arrow publisher, bought UK and Commonwealth rights for The Taker from Peter Steinberg at the Steinberg Agency.</p><p>The Taker is part historical novel and part supernatural page-turner. The publisher described it as &quot;a tale of the power of unrequited love and its ability to blind and ultimately destroy&quot;. <br />Elton said: &quot;I absolutely fell in love with The Taker. Genuinely original, it combines an extraordinary richness with unforgettable characters and incredibly powerful storytelling. I&rsquo;m hugely excited about launching Alma&rsquo;s career in 2011.&quot;</p><p>According to the publisher, the title tells the story of A&amp;E doctor Luke Findley who meets Lanore McIlvrae at the hospital where he works. McIlvrae begins to tell her story to Findley, captivating him with tales of her 200 years on Earth. Findley finds himself drawn to McIlvrae, and ends up sacrificing everything to become part of her world.</p><p>Century will publish The Taker as a trade paperback in April 2011, with an Arrow paperback in October of that year. Katsu is already working on the sequel, which is as yet untitled. <br />Rights in further territories have also been sold, with US rights going to Simon &amp; Schuster. Rights have also been pre-empted by Exmo in Russia and&nbsp; Longanesi in Italy. </p>