Subscription service The Bear Can Read partners with OUP

Subscription service The Bear Can Read partners with OUP

Subscription reading service The Bear Can Read is partnering with Oxford University Press to help support children to learn to read at home. 

The Bear Can Read will now include OUP resources in its monthly boxes. The service is targeted towards families with children aged two to seven, and offers personalised monthly bundles of activities to help children with their phonics delivered to the door. It was launched in March 2020, just as the coronavirus pandemic forced schools to close, and follows the curriculum.

Its boxes include curated and personalised phonics material for each age and stage, with each delivery focusing on the group of letters and sounds your child needs to learn, with games and worksheets to assist them.

Camilla Macoun, founder of the North London-based all-female start-up, is a mother of three and previously worked as a children’s educational publisher. She said she recognised the need to make it easier for families to support children learning to read at home with the same phonics books and activities as those that are used in school. 

She said: “When children are learning to read it is so important that they have plenty of access to phonics books at the right level for them and that motivation is kept high. The Bear Can Read is here to make families’ lives easier, help parents motivate their children, and spark a lifelong love of reading. At The Bear Can Read we believe in making things easy and most of all in kids.”