Stress-test innovative ideas at FutureBook

Stress-test innovative ideas at FutureBook

The founders of agency ThinkSprint, Sam Reid and Scott Morrison, are to run a live session at the FutureBook Conference where they will examine three innovation ideas crowdsourced from the book trade.

In the week before the FutureBook Conference on 1st December, delegates attending the event will be invited to submit their ideas via a simple brief document. Then 48 hours beforehand the ThinkSprint team will put three of the ideas to their global team of entrepreneurs, and a select group of consumers, to examine and feed back on. At FutureBook, Reid and Morrison will analyse the results, with HarperCollins UK’s digital innovation and projects director Nick Coveney to chair an audience discussion.

In a FutureBook blog, Reid explained: “New technology is creating lots of new behaviours. As a result, businesses are eager to innovate and seize the new opportunities that are arising. There’s no lack of good ideas that might work. But there is a lack of proven ideas that do work. Most innovative ideas will not work for reasons you could never predict. When excitement is high and optimism takes over, we quickly assume too much. Therefore, a fast way to test big assumptions is essential.” 

The ThinkSprint method will uncover blindspots, then tune and test the idea in 48 hours. “We’re sending a call out for all those innovative ideas you have filed away under ‘to explore’ for a ThinkSprint tune and test. Worst case, you’ll know if the baby is ugly. Best case, you’ll have something sharpened up to build on.”

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Innovation consultancy ThinkSprint has recruited a network of startup thinkers and problem solvers in order to stress-test company strategies.