Streeter to join e-lending panel

Streeter to join e-lending panel

The government’s panel on e-book lending has gained a new member, with the addition of former Booksellers Association president Jane Streeter.

Led by publisher William Seighart, the panel is currently calling for evidence to assess the potential benefits of e-lending for the public library service, alongside the possible impact it may have on publishers and retailers.

When the panel was first announced last month, there were complaints that no booksellers were represented on the panel, which includes Faber c.e.o. and publisher Stephen Page, alongside author Joanna Trollope; PFD m.d. Caroline Michel; British Library c.e.o. Roly Keating; and Janene Cox, president of the Society of Chief Librarians.

The inclusion of Streeter, founder of the Bookcase chain of shops, pleased library campaigners, including Desmond Clarke, who said: “There is a lot of sense behind the move to put a bookseller on the panel.”

The revised panel is currently calling for evidence from all interested parties in the development of e-book lending.

All submissions should be made to the Department for Culture, Media and Sport by emailing before 5pm on 6th November.