Square Peg acquires story of Yazidi girl's escape from ISIS

Square Peg acquires story of Yazidi girl's escape from ISIS

Square Peg is to publish the true story of a young Yazidi girl’s capture by and escape from ISIS.

Rowan Yapp, editorial director, won UK and Commonwealth rights at auction from Barbara J Zitwer of Barbara J Zitwer Agency and Christine Proske of Ariadne-Buch to The Girl Who Beat ISIS: Farida’s Story, by Farida Abbas, co-written with Dr Andrea-Claudia Hoffmann.

In August 2014, Abbas was 18 when her village in the mountains of northern Iraq was attacked by ISIS terrorists. The jihadists murdered the men and boys, before taking the girls prisoner.

For months, Abbas was repeatedly beaten and raped, and eventually she led six other girls in a daring escape.

Today, she lives in a refugee camp where she met Hoffman, who is political editor and Middle East expert for the German news magazine Focus.

As well as telling her story for the book, Abbas will also testify against ISIS at the Hague War Crimes Tribunal.

Yapp said: “Farida is an extraordinarily courageous young woman. With many worrying blanks in our daily news reports, Farida’s account reveals the realities of the female experience at the hands of ISIS. It is a distressing story, but of vital importance.”

Abbas said: “During my long imprisonment I kept telling myself: one day I will write a book about all the things those monsters did to me and my friends. Nothing shall ever be forgotten.”

Vintage will publish simultaneously with Atria in the United States in spring 2016 and rights have been sold in 10 international territories to date.