Stormzy takes Merky authors to former school

Stormzy takes Merky authors to former school

More than 400 pupils at Stormzy's former school were treated to an event with the grime rapper and authors from his #Merky Books imprint yesterday. 

Stormzy appeared at a Penguin Talks event at the Harris Academy in South Norwood with #Merky Books authors Chelsea Kwakye and Ore Ogunbiy as “storytellers who are using their voices to make an impact on the world”.

The event treated 450 students to a short presentation on “how to find your voice and use it” from the co-authors of Taking Up Space: The Black Girl’s Manifesto for Change, followed by a round-table discussion which was joined by footballer and Vintage author Eniola Aluko and the Derek Owusu, author of That Reminds Me. Students then had the opportunity to ask questions. 

According to PRH, the discussion “tackled the importance of telling your own story in your own words, authentically”, explaining: “Everyone has something to say and their voice, experience and world view is important. But perhaps not everyone feels that they have the platform, opportunity, confidence or clarity to use their voice to make an impact.”

Each student received complimentary copies of the speakers’ books. The event was livestreamed on #Merky Books’ Instagram and Stormzy’s facebook pages.

Stormzy said: “I always find it important to use my voice: as much as you think that footballers and rappers are glorified, learning, education and reading is a much more powerful thing... there’s nothing more important than being a well-educated young person...”