Stoppard warns over demise of 'printed page'

<p>Playwright Sir Tom Stoppard has warned the &quot;printed page&quot; is in danger of being edged out in a &quot;world of technology&quot;, <a href=" target="_blank"><em>the Guardian</em></a> reports.</p><p>Stoppard, author of <em>Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead</em>, was speaking yesterday ahead of an address to the Prince&#39;s Teaching Institute summer school next week.</p><p>&quot;I am aware, as everybody has to be, that there&#39;s more competition for one&#39;s attention nowadays,&quot; he said. &quot;The printed word is no longer as in demand as when I was of the age of pupils or even at the age of the teachers teaching them.&quot;</p><p>The &quot;moving image,&quot; he added, was taking precedence in many children&#39;s lives over &quot;the printed page &hellip; [and] I think that&#39;s to the detriment&quot;.</p><p>The playwright stressed that he was not making a case for &quot;good and bad&quot;, pointing out that his sons and grandchildren know things that he does not because of technology. &quot;I just don&#39;t want the printed page to get swept away by that,&quot; he said.</p>