Stephenie Meyer to produce The Rook TV series

Stephenie Meyer to produce The Rook TV series

Daniel O’Malley’s The Rook (Head of Zeus) is being developed into a series produced by Twilight novelist Stephenie Meyer.

The show, developed by Lionsgate, will play on US-based Netflix-competitor Hulu and on a major British broadcaster, yet to be named.

Meyer was the producer on the final two films in the “Twilight Saga” series she also authored, which generated $3.3bn at the worldwide box office. Lionsgate also produced The Hunger Games and Divergent film franchises.

The Rook is set in London with a central character who awakens in a park, amid a pile of bodies, with no memory of who she is. In her pocket is a letter that starts with the line “the body you are wearing used to be mine”. Following instructions her former self left behind, she will discover that she is an operative in a secret government agency that protects Britain from supernatural threats.

Head of Zeus is publishing the second novel in the series, Stiletto, in June next year.