Stephen Fry retells Greek myths with Michael Joseph

Stephen Fry retells Greek myths with Michael Joseph

Stephen Fry is publishing a retelling of the Greek myths with Michael Joseph this autumn. 

The publisher's managing director Louise Moore acquired UK and Commonwealth rights from Anthony Goff at David Higham.

The book, entitled Mythos, is described by Fry as "the most rewarding labour of love" he has ever undertaken. It will bring to life the gods and goddesses of Ancient Greece, from the creation of the world out of Chaos to the war between the Titans and the Gods of Olympus, reimagining these myths for the modern age and revealing the rise and fall of some the most famous names in literature, including Zeus, Aphrodite, Apollo and Athena.

Moore said: "The Greek myths have inspired writers and artists for hundreds of years, from Shakespeare to Michelangelo to Disney. I am delighted to be bringing Stephen’s rich retelling of this intense, dark and ribald world to readers this autumn. He is one of Britain’s most imaginative writers, and these stories are sure to capture the imagination of young and old alike."

Fry said: "Retelling these stories has been the most rewarding labour of love I have ever undertaken. The Greek myths tell us more about ourselves today than anybody of legend and lore that I have ever met with. I fell in love with them as a boy and have long dreamed of spending more time with them. The characters and their adventures live in our language, politics, history, psychology and art, and I hope that you will be enchanted to meet for the first time or renew acquaintance with the gods, monsters, heroes, titans, nymphs, demons and mortals that populate this matchless world."

Mythos will publish in hardback and e-book in November 2017, alongside an audio edition read by Fry. The audio edition will publish in both CD and digital download format.