‘Step-change’ agreement between Wiley, Jisc and UK institutions

‘Step-change’ agreement between Wiley, Jisc and UK institutions

Wiley has struck a four-year "read and publish" deal with UK research body Jisc which converts some of the subscription expenditure into a fund to support financially sustainable Open Access publishing.

Under the deal, which begins this month, Jisc-affiliated researchers in the UK will be able to publish articles in Wiley journals at no direct cost to them. In addition, Jisc UK institutions and their researchers will have access to read all of Wiley’s journals.

Currently about 27% of the studies published by the 138 Jisc institutions in Wiley journals are Open Access. The aim of the new agreement is to increase OA output to 85% of all Jisc-member studies published in Wiley journals, and to climb to 100% by 2022—the date currently being proposed by UKRI for all journal articles they fund to be made available via OA immediately on publication.    

Liam Earney, executive director for digital resources at Jisc, said: “This new agreement is a step-change in the transition to Open Access to UK research. This agreements offers all universities within the consortium, regardless of how much or little they publish, an opportunity to rapidly transition toward full and immediate Open Access in a financially sustainable way. But it also recognises the importance of access to research materials for students and researchers generally, enabling all universities to access more Wiley content than has been the case.”

Wiley Research executive vice-president Judy Verses added: “We are proud to have supported an OA model with Jisc over the past five years in the UK which is a global leader in driving the transition to Open Access. By reaching this agreement, Wiley will further accelerate OA in the UK, reinforcing our commitment to keeping our customers at the centre of what we do.”