Stating salary in job adverts gives companies 'competitive advantage'

Stating salary in job adverts gives companies 'competitive advantage'

Stating a salary in job advertisements puts companies at a "significant competitive advantage" according to new research by Creative Access.

The organisation, which supports those from under-represented backgrounds in the creative industries, analysed 500 of the most recent job listings featured on its website. It found that jobs where the employer chose to list the salary as "competitive" attracted nearly 40% fewer applicants than jobs where the salary, or a salary range, was stated in the advert.

Creative Access said this is even more pronounced when recruiting for a more experienced hire. Listings for senior roles where the salary was stated received 58% more applications than those where it was just listed as "competitive". The organisation said candidates need the full range of information available to them to make informed choices about their careers and their lives, and that includes specific information about remuneration.

Josie Dobrin, chief executive of Creative Access, said: “Candidates are not just looking to work anywhere. They’re looking for an organisation where they will feel valued; one that has a positive, transparent and inclusive company culture in which they can truly thrive. Withholding the salary is a practice that entrenches inequalities. We urge all our partners to list salary or salary ranges in their job adverts; to be accountable; show that they’re open, fair and inclusive.”

The Creative Access community is predominantly made up of candidates from under-represented groups in the creative industries. These include women, Black, Asian and ethnically diverse groups, people from low socio-economic backgrounds and people living with disabilities. Creative Access says pay inequalities are compounded by withholding salary information. By stating the salary, employers are ensuring that anyone who applies can access fair pay compared to their colleagues.