Stanley Johnson's Brexit thriller to be adapted for Channel 4

Stanley Johnson's Brexit thriller to be adapted for Channel 4

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson's father Stanley Johnson’s satirical thriller about political "skullduggery", Kompromat (Oneworld), is to be adapted for a Channel 4 TV series.

The thriller, about the "skullduggery" that might just have gone on behind the scenes in the run-up to the Europeam Union Referendum and the US presidential campaign, is in development for a six-part television series by Noho Film and TV for Channel 4.

Kompromat is the Russian term for compromising materials about a politician or other public figure. Published in hardback on 13th July by Point Blank, an imprint of Oneworld, the novel features a global cast of characters from world leaders to media czars, spin doctors, journalists and political strategists and has been described by Johnson as a "what if" novel, inspired by the Brexit vote and Donald Trump’s victory.

The TV deal was negotiated by Camilla Campbell of Noho with Luke Speed of Curtis Brown.

Johnson said: "I am totally thrilled that Noho will be making a major television series based on my thriller Kompromat. I am confident that Noho and Channel 4 will do a splendid job. I very much hope that viewers will be just as absorbed watching successive episodes of this amazing story as I was when I wrote it!"

Noho is an independent television drama and film production company set up in 2012 by Robert Wulff-Cochrane and Camilla Campbell. Until 2011 they headed up the drama department at Channel 4 where they commissioned several TV series.

Stanley Johnson was in favour of remaining in the EU in the referendum last June, but his son Boris Johnson was a famous figurehead for the campaign to leave.

There have also been claims, denied by Moscow, of covert influence from Russia in promoting the success of the vote for Brexit.