Stanfords launches Children’s book of the Month promotion

Stanfords launches Children’s book of the Month promotion

Stanfords has launched a Children’s Book of the Month promotion, which will begin with City Atlas by Martin Haake (Wide Eyed Editions).

Dan Lewis, the company’s marketing, events and PR manager, said the travel bookshop chain’s flagship shop in Covent Garden expanded its children’s range early last year and had seen significant and continued growth ever since. “This success, combined with increasingly compelling map and travel-related children’s publishing, has led us to our decision to single out a monthly favourite that we feel our customers—and, most importantly, their children—will love,” Lewis said.

Of City Atlas, which will be promoted in September, he added: “It is not only a beautiful object that children will return to again and again, and always find something new, but a book that we believe will instil a desire for discovery and a passion for travel,” Lewis said. “It’s really something special, and a great way to kick off our Children’s Book of the Month offer.”

The title is being price-promoted by the shop, which is offering a discount of £3 off the title’s £20 r.r.p., and it has been placed at the front of Stanfords’ shops in its window displays. The title is also being promoted on the homepage of its website and through its social media channels.

Stanfords has been running an Adult Book of the Month offer since autumn last year. Lewis said the initiative had gone “terrifically” to date. “We try to find interesting and different books to promote each time,” he said.

Last month, The Bookseller reported that Stanfords had returned to profit for the first time since 2012. The company’s two travel bookshops, based
in London’s Covent Garden and Bristol respectively, achieved sales of £6.06m for the 12 months to the end of March 2015, a 6.5% increase on the previous 12-month period, posting a trading profit of £27,191.

The company reported losses of just under £40,000 in the 12 months to the end of March 2014. In the pevious 12-month period, before Stanfords m.d. Tony Maher assumed his position (in June 2013), its annual loss was £418,000.