S&S UK snaps up 'groundbreaking' sleep book after auction

S&S UK snaps up 'groundbreaking' sleep book after auction

A “brilliant new narrative” on sleep deprivation by a world-renowned neurologist will be published by Simon & Schuster UK following an auction.

Dr Guy Leschziner’s works at the department of neurology and Sleep Disorders Centre at Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospitals as well as the London Bridge Hospital and the Cromwell Hospital. He has written up his research about "extremes of the human experience of sleep" in The Nocturnal Brain: Tales of Nightmares.

Iain MacGregor, publishing director of non-fiction at S&S UK, acquired UK and Commonwealth rights, excluding Canada, from Luigi Bonomi at LBA. ILA will handle all translation rights. The book will be published in hardcover in spring next year.

The “ground-breaking” book explores what happens to our brain at night and questions if the brain ever fully goes to sleep, suggesting that in some individuals there is a disconnect between the sleeping part of their brain and the active part of their brain, leading to confusion between the two. 

The neurologist considers if this happens to everyone to varying degrees and if the reverse could also be true - that some individuals are actually asleep during the day while appearing to be awake.

“Leschziner takes us on a fascinating journey through the nocturnal brain to illustrate the neuroscience behind nightmares, night terrors and sleep walking,” an S&S spokesperson said.

The author revealed that over the last few decades “our understanding of sleep and its fundamental importance for all aspects of health has grown exponentially”.

He said: “Alongside this, the public interest in sleep quality and quantity has exploded. Studying people at the extremes of the human experience of sleep, as The Nocturnal Brain does, informs all of us about sleep as a biological process, its regulation by the brain and its impact on the brain.”

MacGregor said: “Guy Leschziner will do for our knowledge of sleep deprivation and how we can seek answers to curing its many forms as Dr Michael Mosely has for the deadly illness of diabetes. For me, his writing matches his skill as a world-leading researcher into this condition.”