Sally Field to publish 'extraordinary' memoir with S&S

Sally Field to publish 'extraordinary' memoir with S&S

Simon & Schuster UK will publish Hollywood actor Sally Field’s “extraordinary” memoir in autumn 2018.

Suzanne Baboneau, m.d of the company's adult publishing division, bought UK and Commonwealth and audio rights to In Pieces from Caspian Dennis at Abner Stein, acting on behalf of Molly Friedrich at the Friedrich Agency. Grand Central Publishing will publish simultaneously in the US.

An S&S UK spokesperson described the book as “an extraordinary memoir by one of the most celebrated, beloved and enduring actors of our time…whose vivacious, infectious charm has captivated audiences worldwide since her first role as “Gidget” [in US sitcom] at the age of 17”. 

The “Steel Magnolias” actor who has rarely discussed her private life in public, spent more than five years writing the book.

She said: “In Pieces is about the little girl that I was, about the teenager who backed into becoming a celebrity, and about the craft that taught me to stand on my feet, a craft that helped me find my way out of a complicated childhood.”

Baboneau described the California-born actor as a “born writer” and said her team was “thrilled” to be publishing the book.

“Her memoir shines a vivid light on a life lived on screen and stage in the public eye, and courageously and articulately reveals the person behind the scenes, the daughter, stepdaughter, wife, mother and sister,” Baboneau said.  

“It reveals the pressures and the pain and the heart-stopping moments of success and acclaim.  It is a very real story and I know that there will be many elements of Sally’s experiences that people will recognise and understand, even though her life has taken such a different trajectory to so many.

Field, 71, is a two-time Academy Award and three-time Emmy Award winning actor who has starred in a number of films and TV shows such as “Lincoln”, “Forrest Gump” and “ER”.