S&S UK revives Scribner

S&S UK revives Scribner

Simon & Schuster UK is reviving 150-year-old imprint Scribner. After 10 years “lying dormant” in the UK, and 150 years after it first began, Scribner will relaunch in June.  

The imprint—which continues to flourish in the US, where it enjoys a strong brand—will publish six to 12 titles a year, beginning with the paperback of Graham Swift’s England and Other Stories on 4th June. Three novels in hardback follow: Tim Lott’s The Last Summer of the Water Strider (18th June); Benjamin Wood’s The Ecliptic (July); and Alice Hoffman’s The Marriage of Opposites (August). 

S&S said “the time is right” to revive the imprint, following “the explosion of social media and new ways of communicating directly with readers.” It added that the list—co-ordinated by fiction editorial director Rowan Cope, fiction publishing director Jo Dickinson and adult publishing m.d. Suzanne Baboneau—would publish literary fiction and non-fiction and aim to “take calculated risks and experiments, and celebrate Scribner’s literary heritage while looking to the future.” 

Ian Chapman, c.e.o. and publisher of S&S UK and International, said he felt “passionately” about Scribner. “ This is a strategic move that we have been considering for some time,” he said. 

Meanwhile, S&S has signed Lisa Cutts, author of Never Forget and Remember, Remember, from Myriad Editions. Dickinson signed UK and Commonwealth rights to two new novels (the first to be published in 2016) from Cathryn Summerhayes of WME.