S&S UK snaps up Profumo's fishing memoir

S&S UK snaps up Profumo's fishing memoir

Simon & Schuster UK has bought a "remarkable" fishing memoir, The Lightning Thread, from author David Profumo.

Chris White, senior commissioning editor at Scribner, has acquired UK and Commonwealth rights with audio to The Lightning Thread: Fishological Moments and the Pursuit of Paradise by Profumo, an award-winning writer, for an undisclosed five figure advance from Peter Straus at Rogers, Coleridge and White.

Described by S&S UK as a ""remarkable memoir", it will be published in hardback by Scribner in Spring 2020.

The Lightning Thread "takes the reader on the journey of a lifetime: from angling with his father [the late politician John Profumo]... at the height of the Profumo Affair to knocking back mojitos while hunting for Permit, ‘the Robocop of the sea’, off the coast of Cuba,” S&S UK said.

"Much more than just another book about fishing, The Lightning Thread is an exploration of joy and a celebration of simple pleasures in a too complicated world. The significance of angling, as David writes about it, far transcends the mere catching of fish."

White said: "Until I read David’s proposal for The Lightning Thread, I had no idea that I was interested in angling, much less that I would want to publish a book about it. Such, though, was the passionate eclecticism, deep intelligence and virtuosic exuberance of David’s prose that my head was immediately turned and I knew that this was a book I had to acquire."

Profumo said: "I have been working for some time on the idea of a book combining memoir and essays on the theme of angling (its mystery and history), and realised it would need an especially imaginative Editor to commission it - so I am absolutely delighted that Chris White has taken it on, and I feel sure The Lightning Thread will find a happy home with him at Scribner."