S&S takes on Burmese human rights

<p>Simon &amp; Schuster has acquired rights in <em>Dancing with Moonlight</em>, a memoir by Burmese human rights campaigner Zoya Phan.</p><p>Phan is a member of the Karen tribe in Burma and was forced to flee her village aged 13 when it was attacked by Burmese troops. She spent several years on the run before fleeing to Thailand. She now lives in the UK and is international coordinator of pro-democracy organisation the Burma Campaign.</p><p>The rights were bought at auction from agent Felicity Ryan for an undisclosed sum by editorial director Mike Jones. The book will be published in hardback in May 2009.</p><p>&ldquo;Zoya has had an incredibly difficult life and has shown huge bravery and strength of will in the face of many adversities,&rdquo; said Jones. &ldquo;Her dedication to bringing the horrors of the Burmese regime to the attention of the world is immense, and with this gripping and moving story we hope to help her in her cause. The terrible events in Burma currently have made her story even more vital and important than ever.&rdquo;</p>