S&S signs two Titanic titles

<p>Simon &amp; Schuster is publishing two Titanic books, one fiction and the other non-fiction, focusing on the survivors, with publication scheduled around the centenary of the disaster in 2012.</p><p>Mike Jones, editorial director for non-fiction, bought world English rights to <em>Surviving the Titanic</em> by Andrew Wilson from Clare Alexander at Aitken Alexander. </p><p>The book will be published in late 2011 with Atria&#39;s Peter Borland publishing in the United States.</p><p> The book examines what happened to the 705 survivors of the maritime disaster, how they remembered that night and how they coped afterwards.</p><p>Maxine Hitchcock, fiction editorial director, bought world rights to <em>The Captain&#39;s Daughter</em> by Leah Fleming. The deal was signed through Judith Murdoch and S&amp;S is selling translation rights. The book will be published in early 2012. </p><p>The title follows two women, a third class steerage passenger and wealthy industrialist&#39;s wife, both of whom survive the sinking. The publisher said the two become unlikely friends until &quot;the past encroaches on the present&quot;. </p><p>S&amp;S said: &quot;Rich in detail and packed full of drama, marrying fiction and little-known fact, <em>The Captain Daughter </em>spans three generations, as many countries and over 80 years.&quot;<br />&nbsp;</p>