S&S signs Sitwell

S&S signs Sitwell

Simon & Schuster will publish a book by William Sitwell on how Lord Woolton kept Britain fed during the Second World War.

Non-fiction publishing director Iain MacGregor acquired world rights for Eggs or Anarchy in a deal with Caroline Michel at PFD.

The book looks at Woolton's time as the minister of food, using clandestine methods to bring in food from abroad.

Sitwell is a writer, editor and broadcaster, who edits Waitrose Kitchen magazine and regularly appears as a critic on "Masterchef". Sitwell's previous book, A History of Food in 100 Recipes, was published by William Collins.

MacGregor said: "Eggs or Anarchy reads like a Ben McIntyre narrative, a real page-turning adventure story of double agents, black marketeers, cynical politicians and battle-weary soldiers, airmen and sailors. They all battled to keep our country fed. We couldn’t have survived, neither would we have won the war without Woolton’s heroics."

The book will be published in spring 2016 as a hardback.