S&S signs Mansell memoir

S&S signs Mansell memoir

Former world champion Formula One driver Nigel Mansell will publish is autobiography with Simon & Schuster this year.

Head of sport Ian Marshall signed world rights to the as-yet-untitled memoir in a deal with Lucy Bayliss of M&C Saatchi Merlin.

The book will look back at Mansell's career, including 31 Formula One victories, as well as sharing his thoughts on the evolution of the sport.

He said: " I am an absolutely avid fan of Formula 1 and will thoroughly enjoy talking about current and past champions and numerous classic races. Since retiring, I have also been involved in some incredible experiences – such as epic charity bike rides, creating a golf complex and continuing my charity work – as well as some health and life challenges along the way. I look forward to recounting all of these stories, along with offering a few philosophical thoughts on life, love and motorsport."

Marshall said: "There is no doubt in my mind that this will be one of the very biggest sports books of the year. Mansell’s enduring popularity, his fascinating views on many issues surrounding the sport, his vivid recreation of the high-octane world he inhabited, and his great sense of humour will ensure that this is a must-read for all motorsports fans."

The book will be published in September.