S&S signs 'conversation-shifting' book about female anger

S&S signs 'conversation-shifting' book about female anger

Simon & Schuster is to publish Rage Becomes Her, a book urging 21st-century women to "understand their anger, embrace its power, and use it as a tool for positive change".

Nicki Crossley, commissioning editor for Simon & Schuster UK, acquired UK and Commonwealth rights to publish Rage Becomes Her by US feminist writer and activist, Soraya Chemaly, from Lisa Keim, on behalf of Atria Books. The book will be published in tandem in the UK, US, India and Australia on 4th October 2018.

According to the publisher, Rage Becomes Her promises to do for women what Quiet by Susan Cain (Penguin) created for introverts: a movement which will embrace feminine anger to liberate, inspire and connect an entire universe of women who are no longer interested in making nice.

Analysing female anger as it relates to topics like self-worth, objectification, pain, care, fear, silence, and denial, Soraya illuminates how and why we repress anger, revealing the harm that this causes, and helping us recognise the liberating power of owning our anger and marshalling it as a vital tool for positive change.

Chemaly is an award-winning writer and activist whose work focuses on the role of gender in culture, politics, religion and media. She is the director of the Women's Media Center Speech Project and organiser of the Safety and Free Speech Coalition, both of which aim to curb online abuse and expand women's freedom of expression.

Crossley said “Soraya Chemaly beautifully articulates why we must confront this ridiculous taboo once and for all. I have no doubt this book will reach women across the world.”