S&S to publish teen version of The Secret

<p>Simon and Schuster UK will publish a teen version of the international bestseller <em>The Secret</em> this autumn.<em> The Secret to Teen Power</em> is written by Paul Harrington, who produced the film version of <em>The Secret</em>. It is also being published by Simon &amp; Schuster&#39;s international companies including a Spanish language version for the US, French edition for Canadian distribution and an e-book in English, Spanish and French.<br /><br /><em>The Secret to Teen Power </em>gives the &quot;law of attraction&quot;, which was central to Rhonda Byrne&#39;s <em>The Secret,</em> a teen spin. The book tells teens how they can transform their lives by understanding what they can achieve themselves.</p><p>The publisher said: &quot;With <em>The Secret to Teen Power</em>, Paul&#39;s dream is that teens around the world will understand the power they have in their hands to create their lives, and that they too can choose their life by choosing their thoughts. Paul wants teens to know that they can have, do, or be anything. And he can only imagine what this knowledge will do for teens just beginning to make their own choices and plans.&quot;<br /><br />Ingrid Selberg, children&#39;s publishing director, said: &quot;We are delighted to be part of the great global publishing phenomenon of The Secret and to be bringing this new transformational work to a wider audience.&quot;</p>